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Slow Fashion Curated for Life Outdoors

carefully curating the most innovative and sustainable outdoor products

It is the goal of Massive Impact to provide quality and stylish outdoor apparel solutions that reject the ‘Fast Fashion’ status quo. We celebrate and highlight the stories of brands and professional athletes that use sustainably produced and ethically sourced outdoor apparel. 

Our team is incredibly driven by the idea of consumers, manufacturers and retailers investing in their communities by supporting charitable causes that matter most to them.  We are empowering consumers on our site to donate 10% of sales to charities they love and respect. We partner with small scale, artisanal manufacturers, and other B Corps, who are more interested in getting people quality and ethical products, rather than mass producing for maximum profits.

We are committed to curating sustainable products that have a unique story and proven function. We are making this planet a better place by supporting brands that make the most difference in the world and giving consumers a new platform to support causes they care about through their every day commerce. In early 2019, we will be launching this carefully curated hyper-sustainable e-commerce store! Sign up in the footer to be the first to know when our store is live.