our mission

Our Why: 

To foster truly meaningful engagement between consumers, brands, athletes, and the causes we all care about so that we can change the world together.

Our Mission:

To galvanize the passionate outdoor recreation community around a truly transparent approach to ethically manufactured apparel through grassroots curation, storytelling, and to take collective action in positively impacting our communities across the globe.

Our Commitment:

Massive Impact has committed ourselves to becoming the one-stop, trusted source for sustainably sourced and responsibly made apparel and gear. Whether it’s food, electronics, furniture, auto parts or outdoor apparel, consumers are overwhelmed with options and underwhelmed with the resources needed to make highly educated purchases. Few people are aware of all the hands that cultivated the raw material, wove the fabric, manufactured, shipped and sold the jacket they want to purchase.

Globalization has blurred the lines between manufacturing practices and environmental standards, and it’s hard to know the provenance of any particular product.

Do you know who made that shirt you’re wearing? How many hands touched the raw material, wove the fabric, manufactured, shipped and sold you that new jacket?

It is our mission to do the homework for you, tell the stories of the organizations doing the most good, offer products that are responsibly and ethically sourced, and give back to the grassroots organizations and businesses that are developing the infrastructure for a more transparent and responsible world of business.

We are building a new B-Corp that leads by example with our own outdoor apparel and gear line with core values are around sustainability, fair labor practices and high ethical standards.  Massive Impact donates 10% of revenue generated to the causes of your choice as well as mission driven campaigns that fight for fair labor standards, strict environmental regulation, and regenerative agriculture. We will be launching our carefully curated hyper-sustainable e-commerce store in early 2019! Sign up in the footer to be the first to know when our store is live.