Derek Sabori: Podcast Ep. 1 Recap

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We were thrilled to sit down for our inaugural video podcast with our friend and inspiration, Derek Sabori.

Derek worked his way up from answering phones to VP of Global Sustainability for well known board-sports and lifestyle brand, Volcom.  

After spending nearly 17 years with Volcom, Derek has gone on to great success in starting his own highly sustainable (and highly successful) mens yoga brand, KOZM, as well as a well regarded sustainability podcast, TheUnderswell and a sustainable fashion program at Orange Coast College.

Derek's passion alone is contagious.  It's clear how much he cares about every aspect of what goes into the clothes and gear that he and his orgs produce.  He's super articulate and learned and we're grateful that he spent some time with us for our first video podcast. We're also grateful for his mustache, which is in the running for the best in the land : ).  

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